POLKADELIC BEBOP TRIO ''1997'' (limited edition vinyl EP)

POLKADELIC BEBOP TRIO ''1997'' (limited edition vinyl EP)


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feat. Jonas Müller, Jonas Westergaard & Stefan Pasborg.

''The music on this EP, was the very first album that I appeared on.
Only made in a very limited amount of promotional CD’s back in 1997.
So, why release music recorded over 20 years ago?
Well… I do not release this music out of sentimental or nostalgic reasons.
I simply believe that it deserves to be released properly on vinyl, because I think it sounds great!

Although we were very young, I still enjoy the way Jonas Müller re-arranged the three Danish folk songs on this album, and the way we play them. The music still sounds very fresh and full of energy in my ears, and I can easily recall the dedication and concentration we all felt during that studio session in January 1997.

Shortly after that session, we started performing concerts around Europe. And during the spring 1997, we got an invitation for the annual competition for young promising bands under the age of 26 years, which took place at the major international festival ”Leverkusener Jazztage” in Germany, October 1997.
That night in Leverkusen, I remember listening to the other bands from England, France, Belgium, Poland and Germany. They all sounded really great, and I never thought we would stand a chance in that competition.
But to my big surprise back then, the jury awarded the ”Composer Prize” to Jonas Müller and the ”Soloist Prize” to me!
Even though I don’t really like competition within art and music today, I have to admit that it felt quite satisfying (me being a 22-year-old conservatory student) to receive the ”Soloist Prize” at an international festival in front of a big audience. I remember that evening being one of the very first times in which I really started believing in a future for me playing those drums'' - Stefan Pasborg, 2018.

”Blues for Hindemith” on this album, was recorded live on that particular evening in Germany.

Meeting Jonas Müller back in the mid-nineties was very important for me. Such a great musician already then. He opened my ears to the music of a.o. Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, John Tchicai and Cecil Taylor, and I will always be thankful for those few years (1995-1998) with Jonas and Jonas in ”Polkadelic Bebop Trio”, until Jonas Müller moved to San Francisco. Those years defined so many things for me musically, and I feel a great joy in finally releasing this music on vinyl!



A1, A2, B2 is Danish folk songs arranged by Jonas Müller.
B1 composed by Jonas Müller.

Jonas Müller (piano & müllerfon)
Jonas Westergaard (double bass)
Stefan Pasborg (drums & percussion)

A1, A2, B2 was recorded in January 1997 at Far Out Studios in Denmark by Steen Christensen.
B1 was recorded live in October 1997 at Leverkusen Jazz Festival in Germany.
Mixed / mastered @ Karmacrew by John Fomsgaard.
Cover design / illustration by Rasmus Meisler.