IBRAHIM ELECTRIC “Rumours from Outer Space” (180g vinyl LP)

IBRAHIM ELECTRIC “Rumours from Outer Space” (180g vinyl LP)


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IBRAHIM ELECTRIC proudly presents their 2014-release “Rumours from Outer Space”
The eighth album by this trio.

The album marks the beginning of a new era, in the history of the band, in which the Band will traverse the known universe searching for extraterrestrial musical beings.
Their journey begins with the coincidental discovery of a strange object, which later turns out to be a spaceship from a long forgotten time. By activating the ship the band travel to the planet Xhinus, where new adventures awaits them.
“Rumours from Outer Space” comprises 9 unique compositions based on Ibrahim Electrics experiences on this expedition.
The album was  released after a frantic summer, with the band featured at some of the most prestigious festivals around the globe, i.e. in USA, Canada, Spain and Norway.

Reviews from that Summer:

@Rochester Jazz Festival, USA 2014

''The members of Ibrahim Electric were dressed casually and played with a fervor I haven't yet seen at the festival. Each musician was very physical in his playing -- almost frantic. The songs themselves were expertly composed. Every piece had a definite but never predictable direction. Overall, the performance was probably the most dynamic I've seen this week....Ibrahim Electric's performance was definitely a highlight of the festival for me'' 
 -  Nicole Milano,  Rochester City Newspaper.

@Montreal Jazz Festival, Canada 2014:

''These guys are not just a fun-time, grooving, party band, though they certainly had heads bopping, feet tapping and booties shaking during their show, they have a wealth of styles that blend in such an inventive way there is simply no way to pigeonhole them....Ibrahim Electric exhibited how many different sounds one can squeeze from a Telecaster guitar, a set of drums and a Hammond B3 organ. Can you say “inventive?” I know these guys can. You’ll hear more from these guys if I have anything to say about it…and I DO…so stay tuned''  
- Russ Davis, JazzTimes, Canada